Margherita Russo

Senior Paralegal

Margherita is a Senior Paralegal, working in the areas of:

Having been a member of the Websters Lawyers’ team for almost 20 years, Margherita has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a paralegal.

Her attention to detail is a key feature of her work, especially in probate matters where one error can derail an entire application. Her ability to hone in on fine details can often speed up the probate process which, importantly, can also limit legal fees.

Margherita is known for her ability to communicate with clients in clear terms, as well as her ongoing commitment to update them about the progress of their matters.

Probate clients are usually trying to come to terms with the death of a loved one while trying to navigate and understand the probate process. Margherita’s expert knowledge, fine attention to detail and sympathetic nature all combine to highly recommend her for your probate needs.

Margherita is contactable by email at [email protected] or by telephoning 08 8231 1363.