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Our Team

Ken Gluche Firm Principal

Ken is Firm Principal of Websters Lawyers. These days, Ken is responsible for overseeing...

Michelle Crichton Managing Solicitor

As Managing Solicitor, Michelle’s knowledge of her practice areas is second-to-none and her...

Geoffrey Wark Lawyer

Geoff has many years’ experience in workers compensation, having represented employees...

Naomi Hill Lawyer

Naomi is an experienced criminal lawyer who is passionate about her work.

Elizabeth Burke Lawyer

Elizabeth is a highly skilled practitioner, having worked in all aspects of family law...

Andrew Carpenter Lawyer

Tell it how it is, play it straight and don’t give unrealistic expectations. These are the hallmarks...

Vanessa Ho Lawyer

Vanessa is experienced in family law cases concerning property, divorce and children, and...

Marwa Shabbar Lawyer

Marwa has significant expertise across a range of legal areas, including parenting...

Hayley Boswell Lawyer

With a background in youth work, child protection, community care and assisting refugees...

Christopher Loxton Lawyer

As a former chef, Chris knows a thing or two about responding quickly to demands, staying focussed...

Jake Woolford Lawyer

Jake’s legal experience is broad, which serves him well, particularly his experience in conveyancing.

Courtney Chan Lawyer

Courtney is known for her empathetic manner and her ability to quickly understand her...

Glen Pearce Lawyer

Ken is Firm Principal of Websters Lawyers. These days, Ken is responsible for overseeing...

Kaela Dore Lawyer

Kaela loves what she does and excels at providing the best possible service to her clients.

Margherita Russo Senior Paralegal

Margherita is a Senior Paralegal who works in the areas of Wills & Estates

Chloe Goldsworthy Lawyer

If you’re in need of a lawyer who is empathetic, tenacious, committed and resilient, look no further than Chloe Goldsworthy.

Grace Banner Lawyer

What do you get when you cross a qualified journalist with a lawyer? A great practitioner who delivers the best results...

Henry James Lawyer

With an engineering background and a strong interest in cars and technology, you might think it more likely to find Henry...

Our Six Fundamental Operating Principles



We work for you and acknowledge that as our client you deserve our attention and respect at all times.


Quality Service

We listen to your needs and ensure that you are fully informed and properly advised at all key stages.



We have the experience, competence and skill necessary to provide the legal service you need.



Through continuous and ongoing research and training we are up to date on all aspects of our areas of speciality.


Honesty & Integrity

At all times we will be open and honest and follow through on our commitments to you.


Best Outcomes

We work hard to achieve the best outcome for you in the circumstances of your case.

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