For A Speeding Charge, Drink Driving Charge Or Other Case

If you have received a fine or been charged with a traffic offence (such as a speeding charge or drink driving charge) and you are facing a loss of licence, you need to act quickly to ensure that you get the right advice from an experienced traffic offences lawyer.

Our solicitors include former polices officers and prosecutors with extensive experience in conducting cases involving charges of speeding, dangerous driving and drink driving (or drug driving). They are experienced in all issues relating to defending traffic charges and can represent you in all South Australian Courts including suburban Magistrates Courts.

If you have received a fine speak to a solicitor first if you want to keep your licence. At your free initial consultation we will explain to you the nature of the charges including the potential penalties, the court process and whether it appears you have a defence to the charge. We will provide you with an estimate of the cost involved in either defending the charge, or assisting you to present your case to court if you intend to admit the offence.


  • Once you have paid an on the spot fine for a speeding charge or anything else there is nothing you can do to avoid incurring the demerit points involved;
  • If you receive an Instant Loss of Licence notice from police and don’t apply to have that notice set aside, if the charge is subsequently dismissed you have no recourse to be compensated for any loss you sustained by being unable to work so it is important to instruct a traffic lawyer now to apply to restore your licence.
  • If you’re facing a traffic charge that carries a mandatory licence disqualification penalty (such as a drink driving charge, driving under the influence or driving in a dangerous manner) you cannot keep your licence for the purpose of driving to work.

Even in traffic cases there can be considerable value in conducting on site investigations to determine and gather evidence regarding such things as distances, line of vision, construction of the road and other relevant factors. Whether it is cost effective to do so is dependant upon whether retaining your licence is important to you and this can be discussed at the initial interview.

To know exactly what to do when you are facing a speeding charge or drink driving charge, or if you want to know ‘how can I keep my licence’ contact Websters Lawyers and arrange to speak with one of our specialist traffic lawyers. For more information go to ‘Why Choose Websters Lawyers’.

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